Hi, I'm Nicole.

Nicole Heimgartner

I have a very diverse clinical practice and educational background. I received my undergraduate degree in Nursing from Spalding University. Through an international study program, I practiced nursing in different countries, totaling four separate healthcare systems. That experience helped me develop a deep understanding of community and global nursing care. In addition to community-based care, I have a passion for cardiovascular nursing and have years of clinical practice in critical care. As my career progressed, my love for teaching grew as well. I received my Master’s degree in Nursing with an emphasis in education from the University of Phoenix ,and my Doctorate of Nursing Practice in

Educational Leadership from American Sentinel University. I am also a Certified Online Instructor through the Learning Resources Network (LERN).

As an educator, I have 16 years of experience, focusing on innovative educational strategy, nursing leadership and incorporating online learning into nursing education. My expertise includes teaching and designing curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels of nursing education.

Currently, I am an Associate Professor (Nursing and Health Sciences), strategic consultant for Connect, author, subject matter expert, and editor. I reside in Louisville, Kentucky with my husband and my greatest accomplishment is raising our twin daughters. When I am not acting as taxi-driver to cheer and dance practice, I enjoy reading, family time, and an occasional nap!