Did you catch us in Kentucky?

Our team took a trip to the OADN to share our passion for both education and nursing.

This weekend was a great experience attending the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN) conference in Louisville, KY. It was awesome to “connect” with so many nurse educators who have a passion for engaging students. We were very excited to debut our new “Clinical Judgment On the Go” product - a spiral, pocket-size notebook with 52 ideas that faculty can take immediately into any educational environment. While some folks are feeling anxious about incorporating clinical judgment, it is important to recognize that clinical judgement is not to be feared. Rest assured!

Clinical judgment is:

· An existing part of the nursing role

· Inherent within nursing education

· Aligned with the nursing

Clinical judment is not:

· New

· Additional element of curriculum

· A replacement for the nursing process

· The doing element of the nursing role

If you have questions about how to enhance clinical judgment, reach out, we would love to connect!

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